20th Leadership Belleville Class Now Forming

May 23, 2018 | Leadership Belleville

The purpose of the Leadership Belleville program is to provide community youth with the skills needed to excel in their future careers. Since 1999 the program has helped individuals embrace and enhance the characteristics needed to be an effective leader. The 2018 program will mark the twentieth year since the program was created and became a staple within the Belleville community. Over those twenty years the program has helped in developing a better Belleville. By working alongside the emerging leaders within the city, the Chamber has championed a community dedicated in providing positive change and community service.

The program is a unique executive training program coordinated through the Belleville Chamber of Commerce.  Ultimately, the purpose is to provide individuals with a feeling of personal confidence and leadership skills needed to achieve their long term goals. The students who graduate the program eventually become advocates and leaders working to instill positive change within the community.

Within the last twenty years the program has grown and developed tremendous support within the community. This support has been the most important aspect in the success of both the Chamber and students, which allows continued expansion within the program. The 2018 year allows us to continue the mission of making Belleville a home for everybody. It is an opportunity to champion growth and inclusivity within the community with the help of passionate future leaders.

Each Leadership Belleville Class is composed of up to 25 professionals from diverse career, political, social and cultural backgrounds who demonstrate the highest leadership qualities. These classmates create a valuable network of resources, benefiting both alumni and their business sponsors, in September; all participants attend a two-day overnight retreat to focus on team building, leadership and communication skills. The retreat provides the participants with the opportunity to bond and develop significant relationships that will be useful in their professional, civic and personal endeavors.

The goals of the program are to

  • Develop effective community leaders
    Establish valuable relationships with business and civic leaders
  • Develop skills associated with
    • Personal confidence and empowerment
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Professionalism
  • Expand awareness and understanding of important issues affecting business and the community
  • Foster a commitment to personal, professional and community growth
    Provide opportunities for on-going business development, growth and expansion within the Belleville area.
  • Each Leadership Belleville class is composed of up to 25 professionals who demonstrate the highest leadership qualities. These classmates create a valuable network of resources – paying dividends to both alumni and their business sponsors.

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To print your application go to Leadership Belleville Application 2018